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Happy Easter

Medieval people anticipated the arrival of Easter. 

Why?  Easter came with feasting.  After six long weeks of fasting, penance, and prayer, abundance at table was more than welcome.

 Lent is a time for penance.  Easter, a time to rejoice, although whether medieval folk truly celebrated The Resurrection or just the freedom to eat something other than fish can be debated.

Coastal people had the pleasure of fresh fish, but much of northern Europe subsisted on salt herring for Lent’s duration.  Some areas were so strict about the no meat policy any animal product was forbidden, including milk, cheese, butter, and, of course, eggs. 

It was customary throughout Christian Europe for the eating of eggs to be prohibited during Lent.  After Shrove Tuesday, eggs would disappear from the menu only to return, hard-boiled (because waste is sinful), on Easter Sunday. 

And, thus, hard-boiled eggs became traditional for the Holy Day.

Wishing you and yours a happy, blessed, and mouth-watering Easter!

(For further details, you can read Fast and Feast, Food in Medieval Society by Bridget Ann Henisch)

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The Resources Page is Up & Running!

I made it a priority to get the Resources page done today. 

Okay, maybe not done; I’ve barely skimmed the surface, truth be told.  There are dozens of books on my shelves that aren’t listed and as many links that need to be sorted before they can be added, but there is still plenty of good stuff there—and not just for those who write medieval romances.

I’m certain the link to The History of Condoms will be useful for many historical writers.  So will the Online EtymologyDictionary and the link to the British Library.

For a bit of a lark, follow the BBC link to a fun, interactive site on the evolution of the English language that’s sure to puzzle, perplex, and garner a chuckle or two.

Feel free to go look around and play.  Since the site will continue to grow, check back.  You may find just the fact you’ve been seeking.

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It’s Official

And I’m over the moon.

I’d like to take responsibility for this beautiful page, but I can’t.  I did, however, locate the picture of the sword.  Oh, and had some input as to colors, fonts, and the like.  More than that?  Well, you see it.  Those who know me will attest I’m technologically challenged.

Short equation.  Obvious conclusion.

My dear friend, critique partner, and personal cattle prod and I spent approximately seven hours on the phone  (more than one call—don’t hyperventilate) discussing the whys, wherefores, and are you mads to pull this together.  Laurie manned the keyboard on her end while I offered a slew of useless suggestions, surfed photo sites, and tried (futilely) to keep up.   We had a blast.

I hope you find the site as breathtaking as I do.  If nothing else, there can be no doubt what I write.



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