It’s Official

And I’m over the moon.

I’d like to take responsibility for this beautiful page, but I can’t.  I did, however, locate the picture of the sword.  Oh, and had some input as to colors, fonts, and the like.  More than that?  Well, you see it.  Those who know me will attest I’m technologically challenged.

Short equation.  Obvious conclusion.

My dear friend, critique partner, and personal cattle prod and I spent approximately seven hours on the phone  (more than one call—don’t hyperventilate) discussing the whys, wherefores, and are you mads to pull this together.  Laurie manned the keyboard on her end while I offered a slew of useless suggestions, surfed photo sites, and tried (futilely) to keep up.   We had a blast.

I hope you find the site as breathtaking as I do.  If nothing else, there can be no doubt what I write.




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8 responses to “It’s Official

  1. Yea! It’s lovely Gwynlyn! I’ll update my google reader.

  2. Gwynlyn MacKenzie

    Thank you, Wendy. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who finds it lovely. As I told Laurie, it’s just so ME!

  3. Lovely job, Gwynlyn!!!
    I think it fits your writing/genre perfectly — congrats ;).
    And, I must say, I just *love* the stained glass on the sides!

    • Gwynlyn MacKenzie

      The stained-glass idea is the work of Laurie’s every-whirling mind. She knows me so well, she had the thing half-formed before I even realized it was in the works. I’m so glad you like it. I’m still in awe when I open the page!

  4. Linda & Courtney

    We love it! Not as much as we love you … but we love it! Great picture of you xoxoxoxo Good Luck

  5. Lil' Sis

    You go girl!!!!!! HUGS!!!!

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