Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is what the cynical have dubbed “A Hallmark Holiday.” 

Considering the word ‘holiday’ is the consolidation of the words ‘holy’ and ‘day’, they may have a point.  Motherhood can be a most unholy mix of stress, pride, craziness, contentment, heartache, joy, and a host of other things that test intelligence, patience, ingenuity, and stamina. 

And women have borne it with ready hearts and open arms since time began.

Mother’s Day, as we know it, didn’t exist as an official observance in the USA until May 1914.  From there, it spread to most of the world.  In truth, however, mankind has always celebrated the wonder of motherhood in one form or another.  Celebrations specific to a mother deity, a mother church, or Mother Nature all honored the ability to create, bear, nourish, and nurture new life.

Being someone’s mother is the most difficult job any woman has ever loved.  Motherhood fills the heart then rips it asunder, dances upon it with hob-nailed boots one minute, swells it until it can barely be contained the next, and if done well, guarantees those in whom all was invested will leave the investor behind—to begin the cycle anew.

To those who have weathered or are weathering the highs and lows of motherhood, enjoy your day.  Remember, the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.

Love unconditionally, but rule wisely.


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10 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. “So true, Gwyn, ” I say as I finally prop my feet up at 7pm on ‘Mother’s Day.’ It’s a tough job which the pay sucks but the benefits are pricless. Happy Mother’s Day to you too. (((HUGS))) AJ

  2. Gwyn

    It’s amazing how a few fleeting moments of joy can outweigh the day to day stress, headaches, and drudgery, isn’t it? And who can hurt us more, and with such conscienceless aplomb, as our children?
    I, too, am going to put my feet up. I hope you had a wonderful and joy-filled Mother’s day.

  3. A post full of wise thoughts and sageness, Gwynlyn. Though not everyone is a mom (*raises hand*), everyone certainly has/had one, so your message carries some wonderful sentiments.

    Happy Mothers’ Day!

  4. Gwyn

    Thanks, Laurie. Yes, we’ve all had a mom, and I’m sure, if we look back, we’ve danced on her heart a time or two, whether intentionally or not. Who would we be without those who loved us first and best? (And that goes whether a birth or adoptive Mom; no one ever loves you quite the same way as the person who invested herself in you.)
    Personally, I know I wouldn’t be the person I’ve become because that sageness is the product of my own very wise mother.

  5. Great post, Gwyn and Happy Mother’s Day (albeit belated). I only touched my computer yesterday in order to download some books on my kindle. I did absolutely no work and had a wonderful relaxing day. I hope you did, too!

  6. Gwynlyn MacKenzie

    Hey doll, I’m glad you had a relaxing day. I was working because the time has come for concentrated effort regardless of external influences. Since I can’t fix what’s broken in that arena, I’ll fix what I can.
    So, what’s the next book about and when will I see it? (Not that I’m pushing or anything . . .)

    • Today I received the copy edits for Wild Thing which will be out December 6th. It’s Hunter Kincaid’s book. I’m bummed because I’m working on Fisher’s book, Call Me Wild now and I’m really excited about it. I’m having a blast with Fisher’s heroine, Jessie James, NYT sports reporter turned romance writer who thinks that due to gender equality, love is disappearing as fast as the incandescent lightbulb. Since she’s clueless about romance, Fisher offers to date her and teach her all about it. It’s amazing what we authors do in the name of research. LOL

      • Gwyn

        Ooooooh! Two books to anticipate! YAY!
        I can ‘hear’ your excitement for Fisher and Jessie. That research must be razzing some synapses! Keep ’em comin’, doll. You have adoring fans–and friends.

  7. ricecrisp

    Happy belated Mother’s Day! I got the best card year from my son this year that I think you’ll also really relate to.
    PICTURE: A 1950’s mom wearing an apron in the kitchen.
    “Hmm . . .cook a complicated eight course meal for these ungrateful brats, or jam a fireplace poker in my ear? I can’t decide!”

    • Gwynlyn MacKenzie

      LOL!!! Ain’t it the truth? Hours and hours of labor and it’s either gone in ten minutes or less (leaving more labor) OR they want mac and cheese. I just kept reminding myself, “Ya gotta love ’em; it’s illegal to shoot them!” 😉

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