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The Winter Writing Festival is over—’til next year!


The Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood’s  second annual Winter Writing Festival ends today.  So sad.  The success stories are a joy to read, and even those who didn’t make their goals report excellent progress.  (To see those glowing reports, click here.)  If you didn’t or couldn’t join the productivity this year, consider marking your calendars for next—so many people look forward to plowing through winter’s Dark Ages with us, we had to make it an annual event.

Fifty days of friendships made, critique partnerships founded, everyone like-minded and racing toward similar goals.  Weekly swag, fun, encouragement, and comradery available and happily shared.  And writing.  Lots of writing.  What’s not to love?

Like many of the participants, I made my posted BICHOK (Butt-In-Chair-Hands-On-Keyboard) goals, for which I can display the winner’s badge.  I did not, however, finish my manuscript, a personal goal that I’d hoped the writing sprints would see accomplished.  Still, vast progress is vast progress.

I shall miss the festival and all the gals who joined me in the chat room for sprints.  Some of their output proved beyond amazing, and the give and take made what is normally an insular experience energizing.  A sounding-board (or six) at hand has much to recommend it.

To those who made their goals, congratulations!  To those who didn’t, congratulations, as well.  Goals are wonderful things, but it’s the striving, the not giving up that will bring success.  Thus, you’re all winners.

Proverb:  To succeed, if you fall down six times, you must get up seven.

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The Legend

I have added yet another bit to my Books & Excerpts page to, I hope, entice and intrigue.

The Legend is written in the oral tradition, mimicking how it would have been told prior to the advent of the printing press.  After a short reprise—-to allow it to stand alone—- it picks up where my previous narrative tale, In the Beginning . . ., ends.  It is NOT, however, the end of the story.  That is still in the formulative stages.

Writing in the oral tradition proved far more difficult than I imagined it would be.  Please feel free to let me know if you find a place I slipped back into a more modern, character point-of-view writing style.

As always, enjoy.

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