The Alter-ego lives!

My sci-fi writing alter ego, PJ Kurtz, has a web site.  Now, I’m only half of the alter-ego equation.  I share it with a cousin who works in the aerospace industry and has more experience with the nuts-and-bolts (literally) of space flight than I do.  Thus, when we put our heads together, fun stuff happens.

Our first Sci-Fi Romance is scheduled for release this Saturday, 24 January (apparently, although it will go up on Friday, it could take 12 hours to show, so I’ll play it safe).  I’m excited–and more than a little anxious.  The title, The Sword & The Starship, tells you the foundation upon which we built our collaboration, but that’s not the end.  It’s the first of The Earth Colony Chronicles.  I guess you can say our little writing excercise snowballed, but we had so much fun, we’re building snowmen.  Book 2 is in the works, and Book 3 already on the drawing board.

That said, my historical, The Seer, should also be seeing the light of day very soon–if I can finally hit the right note for the ending.  Being part of a series, the final chords are so important, but Anora and Marcus insist on doing things their own way. Negotiations are in progress.

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