Please bear with me while I build (and continue to build upon) what I hope will be a useful research tool for historical writers. 

Whatever the media, some resources will be specific to certain eras, some will straddle eras.  Those that straddle will be listed under the earliest relevant era.

Resources relevent to the medieval period will predominate for now.  However, I am, by nature, too curious not to reach beyond–or behind–it if  something strikes my fancy.  Should such occur, I will make every effort to sort and categorize.

A word of caution:  NO resource should be used alone.  A listing here is no guarantee of veracity.  Double check (at the very least) all your facts through a variety of sources lest they return to bite you.

Medieval Web Links   (500-1500)  (this is an online reference for Medieval Studies)  (history of bathing)  (the Contractions of Not)  (medieval recipes) (solteties and the like) (medieval source book)  (If you want to swear like Chaucer)  (Dental Hygiene) (Heraldry) (1452 case that made rape a crime) (Knighthood, Chivalry, and Tournaments)  (measurements specific to the Middle Ages) (games common to the Viking Age) (virtual village) (women knights in the middle ages) (another costuming site)

General Historic/Help Links  (the translator’s home companion) (specialized dictionary site) (A general historical costuming site) (Culpepper:  The Complete Herbal)   (the British Library.  A trove of maps and other hard to find info)  (History of condoms) (History of English Literature)  (antique maps) (correct forms of noble address) (1674-1913) (letters from British and Irish women 1500-1950) (The Internet Public Library)  (Famous Quotations) (Fun interactive site on the evolution of the English language)

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